The Coronavirus has taken the lives of several thousand people across the world in a matter of a few weeks. Old or young, rich or poor, all are affected. There are thousands of coffins, tears and broken hearts in China, Italy, Spain, USA, France, Germany and many other countries around the world. Parents have lost children, children have lost parents and grandparents, husbands have lost their wives, and friends have lost loved ones.

The famous astronomer, Carl Sagan said:
“Science is not only compatible with spirituality: it is a profound source of spirituality.”

Vedic Astrology, an ancient spiritual science rooted in astronomy, gives us insight into the past and future through the positioning of the celestial bodies, nine planets and the twenty-seven Nakshatras (lunar constellations) in our solar system.

A Lunar eclipse occurred on 16th July 2019 when the Earth aligned between the Moon and the Sun in a straight line, blocking vital sunrays. The moon’s gravitational pull causes shifts in nature – from tidal waves to tectonic plate movements. The Earth is kept in balance due to the Sun’s effect on the Moon. When there is an eclipse, this balance is disturbed, and as a result, natural calamities occur.

Astrologically, this phenomenon occurs for 4 days and 12 hours when the Sun and Moon are caught between the axis of the Dragon’s Head & Tail (astronomical bodies). The effects are usually felt 45 days before and after the event and it reduces the Pranic life force energy on Earth as the sun’s vital rays are blocked.

We were too busy amongst ourselves to notice Mother Nature’s first warning sign around the time of the July lunar eclipse when calamities began. Australian forest fires burned the plant and animal kingdoms, much more than the Californian fires earlier in the year. This eclipse began the journey of Nature’s lessons for mankind with the killing of trees and animals.

The second warning signal was during the solar eclipse that occurred on 26th December 2019 with six planets conjunct in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius in the eighth house, signifying pandemic events (see Fig. 1). In Vedic Astrology, it is believed that souls will continue to wander the Earth if it dies before its real death-time (Akaal Mrityu). Nature decided to play with the cycle of birth and death with these two eclipses. Surprisingly, it also took the lives of trees and animals, along with humans.
The charts displayed below are a snapshot of the planetary movements happening in the sky at the time of the events in Wuhan, China.

The COVID19 virus was first reported to the World Health Organization on 31st December, four and a half days later. According to a study published in the journal, Nature Medicine, the virus is likely to have been transmitted through Bats or Pangolins with an intermediary host like Civets or Ferrets before finally transmitting to humans. The solar eclipse set the stage this time around for Nature to begin its war on humans.

Only around 14th February 2020, forty-five days after the eclipse the world began to panic when the infection spread globally affecting thousands of lives. Note the eclipse path (Fig. 2) extending over regions of East Africa, Middle East, South and South-East Asia, including China (Fig. 3), Japan, Korea, Russia, Australia, Europe and USA.

Figure 1 – Astrological chart of the Solar Eclipse in Wuhan, China

Figure 2 – Solar Eclipse path on December 26, 2019

Figure 3 – Solar Eclipse path on China

Astrologically, we observed that the COVID19 virus was first conceived on the 4th of November 2019. The Lagna or Ascendant lord, Mercury, was weak in the sixth house signifying diseases, and conjunct the planet Venus, ruler of the twelfth house that signifies hospitals and hidden enemies (viruses).

Sun, the natural life-giver was weak in the sign of Libra. Mercury, the planet that deals with health was also retrograde in the house of diseases (see Fig. 4).

Figure 4 – First day of conception – COVID19 virus

Gandanta Jupiter was at 29 degrees of Scorpio, where lies the poison of the Scorpion (Note – Gandanta is a spiritual or karmic knot). On 5th November 2019, malefic Jupiter conjoined Saturn and the Dragon’s Tail (denoting viruses) in the house of pandemics. It is interesting to note that the virus could have been born under the star of Ardra or Punarvasu sometime around November 14/ 15th in Wuhan (see Fig. 5).

Figure 5 – Second day of conception – COVID19 virus

Planets and the Virus in 2020
Fast forwarding to 2020, days before Makar Sankranti (a festival in the Hindu Vedic calendar dedicated to the Solar deity (the sun)), Jupiter closely conjoined the Dragon’s Tail between 8th to 10th of January. Its goal of spreading the virus was expanded by Jupiter. This entity brings humiliation first before humility, only then there is a spiritual awakening. Origins of the virus tracing back to exotic animals can be linked to this astronomical body which signifies animals with thin and long tails like Bats and Pangolins.

There was chaos in February when the Dragon’s Tail entered Moola Nakshatra, the star of destruction on 11th February. The Dragon’s Head had previously entered Ardra Nakshatra, the star of sorrows and tears ruled by Rudra, causing great misery and disruption. This planetary transit is known to cause trouble. It occurred 18 ½ years ago in 2001 during the time of 9/11, when terrorists attacked the Twin Towers causing severe respiratory illnesses among victims. The AIDS virus broke out 18 ½ years prior to that in 1982 with a solar eclipse on 21st June of the same year. This time around, it has brought the world to its knees by teaching us that we are not invincible and that we must respect our surroundings, Mother Nature and her beings.

Jupiter signifies knowledge, education, wealth and prosperity. Saturn, the chief justice of the universe, is the planet that releases karmic forces so individuals can walk the Dharmic or right path. The fruits of one’s deeds in past and present lives are judged by this planet.

The last couple of months, Jupiter and Saturn’s journey has created a lot of imbalance in the global economy. Jupiter lost its ability to expand the virus when it joined Saturn in Capricorn on 31st March this year, giving mankind another chance to remedy the situation. This is evident in China with the situation slowly changing now. The malefic influence of the Dragon’s Tail which created the illness for the first time, will greatly diminish as Jupiter moves away from it.

Solar Eclipse by Mercury
Here we may add that people are generally apprehensive of a solar eclipse as it involves the affliction of Sun by Rahu. However, our teams has studied another kind of solar eclipse that has not caught much attention of the astrologers: the Solar Eclipse by Mercury. It is a significant eclipse and is principally responsible for such incidents.

A Solar Eclipse occurs when a planetary body like Moon comes in between Earth and the Sun, precisely on the plane of the ecliptic and in a straight. Ecliptic is the plane that contains Earth and Sun to cause a Solar Eclipse other body has to be on it. So, although Mercury passes between the Earth and Sun thrice a year but not over the ecliptic, hence usually does not cause a solar eclipse.

Such an exact alignment is rare and occurs 13 times in a century on average. Also, whenever it happens, it occurs only in months of May and November, where November eclipse happens about twice as often as the May eclipse. Due to the extremely small size of Mercury as compared to Sun, Mercury’s transit is not a strong visible event. By analysing astronomical data for 3000 years, we found a few patterns in Mercury’s eclipse. The transits of May occur only at an interval of 13 or 33 years. While the November transits are more frequent and occur at an interval of 7, 13 or 33 years.

We have checked data for past many centuries for such special solar eclipse by Mercury and found that it shows the above results. Like the last Solar Eclipse by Mercury happened in 2016 and Brexit News, along with demonetisation occurred in India in that year. Before this it occurred towards end of 2006 which started the US slump, which was more evident in 2007-08. Even the one previous than this in 2003 also caused slump for US. If we do a quick tour of these historic dates for solar eclipse by Mercury, we can see it ourselves.

Like in 1999 Argentina faced issues, in 1993 US and UK faced slumps with bank crisis in India, in 1986 & 1973 oil financial issues, in 1970 we had Vietnam war. This list goes on, even if we look more back in time, we find similar patterns like in 1937 we have had the worst slump of the 20th century, then in 1907 banks failed in US also known as the Banker’s panic or the Knickerocker Crisis. Similarly, during other previous solar eclipse by Mercury results were not good for the world.

General Forecast
We predict that the severity of the virus will hit its peak in early April and slow down thereafter when Sun, the king of all planets, will enter Aries, slowly giving us strength and immunity. The ones who are already affected will likely continue being ill until this transition is complete.

By the beginning of May, there will be a lot of healing day by day, and we will be in a position to take control over the virus and the death toll.

There will be cures in the form of medicines and vaccines by 30th June 2020.

Around mid-September the potency of the virus will be diluted when the Dragon’s Tail will exit Moola Nakshatra.

Political Forecast
After the 15th of May 2020, the world will begin its journey of forgetting this phase and enter a future of growth and expansion. Until then, we predict that the US President will remain in a tense state of mind. He had faced many challenges in 2019– from the impeachment to improper coordination among his staff. The forces of nature will help him after 18th of May 2020 and on his birthday (14th of June), he will gain greater control over his country.

We predict that world leaders like Shinzo Abe, Narendra Modi, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump will rise to the top of their careers. Shinzo Abe, in particular, will emerge as a powerful leader. September onwards, USA will recover from economic slowdown in 6-8 months. Russia and America will work together in joint research in many areas to help mankind. This relationship will help boost both economies and also help bring Russian migrants to the US. This renewed friendship will save Russia’s economy from any effects of a recession. This viral epidemic will strengthen the bond between the two countries and also help improve relations with Europe.

Spain and Italy will recover its economy in 5 years, and Germany in 3 years. United Kingdom, France, South Korea and Ireland will grow in 2 ½ years. Canada, Australia and New Zealand in 2 years. Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Norway, and Finland will not be affected much by the virus. And Brazil will be the least affected. China will be the biggest loser for the next five years with more viral outbreaks. The world will not be the same in the near future. It will be a hard struggle for the rest of the world in the next 3-4 years with an economic and industrial shift on the horizon.

India, USA, Russia, Japan and Korea will work together to make progress. India’s economy will flourish. Mr. Narendra Modi will make big changes in fiscal and monetary policies – his dream of making India a 5 trillion economy will become a reality. Indian economy will accelerate its growth by year end and will become very strong in 2021.

What can we do collectively as a united race to overcome this difficult period?

It is important to keep in mind the old saying, “This too shall pass.” We need to keep our hopes high and pray with faith and belief in the Gods we trust.

This is a story of man and nature. In the age of technology, we moved so fast that we forgot our role in the universe, but now is the time to rethink how we operate and make necessary changes. We are the galloping horses and Mother Nature will always hold the reins.