I always tell my students that nature dictates our lives to a large extent. There have been very interesting things going on in the sky lately. Some of you might already know that September 13th and 14th were special days for Astrology enthusiasts. What made this planetary transit more special is that Ashwin Krishna Ekadashi happened to fall on Sep 13th. Ekadashi is the eleventh lunar day in the Vedic calendar. This day is of special importance for cleansing the mind, body and soul. Hindus pray and fast to get rid of malefic planetary influences and to gain spiritual wisdom to experience bliss and salvation. This transit is highly auspicious as it also falls during the time of Pitru Paksha, the days of worship to our ancestors.

There were 6 planets that were positioned in their own or exaltation signs: Sun in Leo, Moon in Cancer, Mars in Aries, Mercury in Virgo, Jupiter in Sagittarius, and Saturn in Capricorn. Only Venus was not in its own sign during this transit. This rare occurrence only happens once in several hundred years.

What does this mean for all of us? We are able to utilize the day to the best of our ability as the planets are able to channel their energies positively. The planets positioned in their own signs give us the ability to connect deeper with our souls.

Sun, the King, in Leo gives us the ability for self-expression, creativity and leadership. Moon, the Queen, in Cancer feels comfortable handling the mind and stabilize emotions. Mars, the General, in Aries gives high energy and stamina to accomplish our goals. Mercury, the Prince, in Virgo gives us intellectual prowess in decision making. Jupiter, the Guru, in Sagittarius gives us infinite wisdom so we can walk the divine path. And finally, Saturn, the chief justice, in Capricorn brings order and structure to execute our plans.

I have given my students the following planetary mantras for spiritual upliftment and growth. These mantras can be chanted 108 times with beads for maximum effect to utilize the energy of planets positively in our lives.

Sun – Om Suryaya Namaha

Moon – Om Chandraya Namaha

Rahu – Om Rahuve Namaha

Ketu – Om Ketuve Namaha

Venus – Om Shukraya Namaha

Mars – Om Mangalaya Namaha

Mercury – Om Buddhaya Namaha

Saturn – Om Shani Devaya Namaha

Jupiter – Om Brihaspataya Namaha

Those children who are born during this time with good Ascendants (1st house) will have planets placed in very good dignity. These child prodigies will excel in life with exceptional talents and matured souls. Nature gives birth to Divine Beings like Jesus, Mohammad, Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, Mahavira, and Guru Nanak. This super soul is a changemaker coming down to Earth to change the way we think and operate like the messiahs who came to rescue us from evil. They create new faith and new ways of living. These great souls revolutionize the world and spiritualize our souls so that we walk the right path.

This transit is going to greatly help the pandemic we are facing currently. The world is passing through the most difficult time in many centuries. This planetary combination in the sky is a reflection of energies on Earth and it will definitely help change the situation drastically. I have discussed this is detail in my article on The BusinessWorld magazine published back in April, which you can find on this link: http://www.businessworld.in/article/Coronavirus-What-s-In-As-Per-Astrology-Science/04-04-2020-188272/. Note my discussion on vaccines and September forecast. Large pharmaceuticals have now discovered medications to counter the virus. Vaccines for the masses will be uncovered in due course.

The Vayu Tattva or Air Element that caused the spread of the disease will be slowly diluted over the coming weeks. This was largely due to the combination of Jupiter, Rahu-Ketu (Dragon’s Head & Tail), and Saturn. The inception of the virus emerged during the Eclipses of 2019 and continued on this year. The nectar of nature will purity the air when this element is at once rectified, and then we will see the virus starting to weaken in potency.

We will see positively changes with Sun, the planet ruling over our vitality and Mercury, the planet of healing, having more power in their own signs. The transit of Rahu-Ketu into Taurus and Scorpio will bring tremendous change and transformation for the better. Jupiter will no longer be under the grip of Ketu (representing viruses). Saturn in Capricorn will bring order to economic conditions and financial markets will begin to stabilize a little.

I told my students back in March, “This too shall pass.”

Over the last six months, we have overcome the greatest challenge opposed by Nature. We will continue to fight with faith and devotion in the Divine. Let us continue to strengthen our planetary energies with Mantra Meditation and walk towards the Light.